Updated Notice To All Customers Oct 2021
From Inventor/Founder Richard Perry

Hi Folks, Please read this update. It will take about 10 minutes to read the whole thing. There is a short video coming that will be posted on this page. The discoveries I have made in the last year and the issues I am further exposing are very sinister and alarming. YOU are worthless. WE are all seen as worthless. OUR lives are being rendered pointless and worthless by the United Kingdom.

Black-Market in Intellectual Property rights being run in / by the United Kingdom.

I allege that the United Kingdom is deliberately carrying out very severe Human Rights abuses against anyone investing in Intellectual Property rights especially those attempting to enforce them. The United Kingdom and the people who are controlling the Patent Office and influencing members of the Judiciary are deliberately doing whatever they can to destroy or steal patents and IP rights that have the potential to generate billion-pound values and revenues. I allege that there is a horrifying and highly illegal crime ring being run by a few wealthy and influential people to steal and defraud your rights before they have ever been published or granted. Their lawlessness is deliberately undermining your investments, your work and efforts, your hopes and dreams and your love and passion for your creations. The people that are doing this are targeting people such as myself that are powerless and defenceless or whom they think have no hope of being able to defend themselves or who would not even think to investigate the possibility of a black market in creative rights. Their actions are highly criminal and illegal; they undermine the United Kingdom economy and the entire Rule of Law. These individuals are operating through the administration of the Patent Office and the Judiciary and they are using lower level staff on the front lines who will unquestionably follow orders to conduct the crime, in fear of losing their jobs. This situation is also showing a total contempt for the value of human life and shows how worthless people have become.

To Clarify what I mean by a Black-Market:
When you submit an application for a patent or design, it has to go through a procedure from application to grant. The procedure is that you go through formalities to ensure your application is in the correct order. Your application is then preliminarily examined and then published for the world to see it and for anyone to object etc. Then after any objections there is another final examination and then if new, novel and inventive, your patent will be granted. During this process you will be investing most likely all of your life savings into your patents and products and you will have hopes and dreams of making a successful enterprise based on your IP rights. IP rights that you have paid the United Kingdom Government for in good faith and wherein you expect your rights to be upheld. Rights and protection that also protects your creativity and dreams to make a fulfilling and fruitful life for yourself and hopefully others that will benefit from your investments and creativity. What enterprise is all about, right?

I allege that there is a small group of wealthy and powerful individuals operating a black market in IP rights. One of these individuals is a powerful and influential man of about retirement age and who could be a member of the Royal Household or who is definitely someone who has a wide reach and influence into Government Departments and the Judiciary. There is a second man in the group slightly younger who is connected to this first man in some way and who may be subordinate to the first man and who is also involved with the other defendants. Those named Defendants who have defrauded me of what is turning out to be assets worth in excess of a billion pounds in commercial value. There is a third younger man who is their ‘go-between’. The younger man is the ‘messenger’ that is delivering their orders and messages back and forth to one or two individuals controlling the Patent Office. They are all influencing and connected to one or two members of the Judiciary most likely the Intellectual Property Judge who I suspect is connected to the first wealthy privileged man. They are using the messenger man (who is also very aware of the crime he is perpetrating) for the purpose of trying to conceal their connections to one another to try to limit evidence and evade capture and punishment. Their actions are treasonous.

What these individuals are doing is ‘viewing’ all or a vast majority of patent applications that YOU are submitting to the Patent Office and deciding what they are going to cheat and defraud even before YOUR application ever gets to publishing or grant stages. Anything that these men think will generate themselves massive revenues (such as my patented world-wide market leading products) they are stealing, whilst YOU are innocently and patiently waiting for your patents to go through their ‘procedure’ and whilst unbeknown to you what is actually happening with your applications behind closed doors. These men are highly illegally trading YOUR ideas and investments with other foreign corporations or Governments and anyone like me that uncovers this crime are having their patents and applications ‘terminated before grant’ or mysteriously ‘forgotten about’ or deliberately rubbished. You will get bullied, intimidated and have malicious acts against you in order to try to get you to drop your pursuit of your rights and justice. The Patent Office (have been) will then author highly criminal and fraudulent letters to YOU in the guise of Government Authority to deter you and run you around and around in circles for years – destroying all of your investments, your time, you love and passion and everything you put into your IP rights and businesses. This is a part of the evidence I have discovered that will appear in the video. If you ever try to enforce it in the Courts you will come up against a bent and corrupted Judge who is part of this crime ring and you will lose everything you have invested in. It will drive you to your death.

A sketch of these men below:

If anyone out there recognises these men, or if you are an employee or acquaintance or even someone who has been wronged or someone who simply knows what is going on, I plead with you to come forward with evidence so that these men and their reckless contempt for human life can be caught and jailed for life. When I win this situation and it is resolved, I will ensure that anyone coming forward with tangible evidence that can be used in Court will be compensated and reimbursed. You can write to me at the address below in North America.

I have discovered this situation from years of horrendous fights between myself and the Patent Office wherein they have deliberately acted criminally to destroy over 120+ patent applications, 17 granted patents, a dozen trademarks and everything I worked for all of my adult life in their elaborate criminal conspiracies with the giant US and EU firms involved in it. As everyone is well aware this situation has had almost fatal consequences upon me.

Again between 2020 since the last update and 2021 I have tried many times to file Police reports with the highest level of Law Enforcement and with CoLP Economic Crime Directorate and I have lobbied the Palace many times to put a stop to this terrifying abuse of human life. I’m fighting to have everyone’s rights and efforts properly protected. The Police now refuse to take any reports of this situation and the Palace, including those that are carrying out this crime, are trying to ignore it and ‘wait it out’. Their time is up.

I believe that there is a now prosecution being prepared against the individuals and firms involved in the massive billion-pound fraud of my patents and products and the Police are compiling documents to bring a prosecution. However, I don’t think they have yet apprehended or interviewed these few men running this highly illegal crime ring. Therefore this update and message is also to the legal female conducting the prosecution that she needs to look deeper into these people who are behind it and who are not the defendants I have already exposed, even though they may all well know one another. If she needs higher Authority to apprehend these men – go directly to the Palace or Clarence House – I expect that you need Royal approval.

Other events in 2021:
I am currently making a short video to talk about it and show evidence but this situation is terrifying and brutal and cruel. Some days I just want to take my own life because the trauma is too severe. I don’t know how I’m still alive. I tried setting up my own Foundation a few years ago to put a positive future out there hoping the Authorities would act to resolve this issue so that I can rebuild my career and life etc.
(http://www.richardperry.foundation). Instead, the United Kingdom has blocked all of my websites and URL’s from being indexed in any search engines deliberately to conceal their corruption and crimes against humanity. The United Kingdom has blocked all of my emails and is monitoring all of my private emails and some telephone calls. My businesses have been prevented from trading because nobody can contact me. I have all my email accounts rigorously checked by engineers and they can’t find any problems and yet the accounts are either frozen, cannot receive any mail or only some emails are allowed to reach me. In 2020 this has led to my workshop in the UK being closed down after 17 years of being a good tenant and whilst I have been abroad. All of my possessions destroyed and ravaged – like vultures going over the dead. Tens of thousands of pounds of stock destroyed and dumped. Personal belongings dumped and strewn across a rat infested muddy barn floor. It was fucking humiliating and psychologically torturing on top of everything else the United Kingdom and Defendants have done to me. It left my mother and brother to try to pick up the pieces because I was helpless in North America. The whole sleazy situation since 2011 when I found out about the crime has depersonalised me. My spectacular achievements that I was very proud of have been turned to shit. The Government are preventing anyone from contacting me by phone or email and any attempted communications that are allowed are being monitored. I have had Government Agents following me around taking photos of me which is highly nerve racking and intimidating and the Government sends individuals to ‘enquire’ about contracting work to try to gauge me or glean information. I have had most of my businesses sued by the Government in malicious prosecutions and I have faced severe Police Force corruption and crime being carried out to aid and abet the individuals stealing and rubbishing IP rights in the United Kingdom. Everything I had worked for including my thriving international business, first marriage and career has been totally destroyed. I have faced more severe crime being carried out by the criminally administered Patent Office in 2021. Evidence will be shown in the video. Message to those Governments: instead of following me around like a bunch of goons, why don’t you concentrate on apprehending the suspects? If you want to know anything then why not just pick up the fucking phone and ask? Assholes. As if I don’t know when I’m being photographed or when my meetings are being listened to by little losers with their iphones sitting next to me in café’s trying to record my conversations. Perhaps you should train them in manners and at least order them to buy a drink from the vendors!

I have also written to the Palace again this year: Letter Found Here: Click Link: Palace Letter 2021.

Readers will notice that in my letter I show a photo of one of my regular orders for my Fencebrackets™. However the picture I showed was only half the order because had I included the two photos it wouldn’t have fitted into my letter without using another page lol Therefore here are the two pics that show an example of one of the full orders (almost complete, still some to palletize) that were regular orders:

I have also published a legal demand in a Vancouver newspaper – see click link: Newspaper Advertorial

Legal Demand to the United Kingdom

For the serious and organised crime and mental torture perpetrated against me I demand you pay:

1). An amount in excess of GBP £1 billion pounds or better in compensation and damages for the value of my achievement and business that you have destroyed. My products and creations are being sold worldwide by the defendants and have generated hundreds of millions in revenues. At fair market value of what I had achieved and accumulated and the potential I had, plus another 100+ products that were covered by my patents, GBP 1 billion is the tip of the iceberg. My achievement should have put me into the billionaire status bracket in line with every other billionaire making rare and similar achievements. However, even though I believe this is still not a high enough evaluation, I can go a lot of good with that money which should have been in my hands in the first place.

2). Compensation and damages for mental torture and crimes against humanity.

3). The criminally obtained bankruptcy order from 2015 rescinded immediately with Royal or Government apology.

4). Return and restarting of all of my granted patents and patent applications valid for the next 20 years and taken from the day I made those applications as far back as 1998. This is so that I can get my products back in to the marketplace without it being clouded by counterfeits and patent defrauded products as it should have been throughout the last 20 years.

5). Televised public apology.

6). Serious crime prevention orders imposed against the firms, law firms, Government Officials, Judges and individuals involved and/or the situation to be resolved in the best way for everyone which doesn’t mean they will escape punishment.

7). Intellectual Property rights properly recognised and protected and IP fraud to become ‘serious and organised crime’ in the criminal law.

I am putting together an application to the International Criminal Courts. I would like the general public to come forward to help me litigate a claim to take down these ugly people and to have our rights properly enforced.

I ask the general public to boycott the counterfeits of my products and patent defrauded product being sold by Birkdale Sales, Simpson Strong Tie, Saint Gobain, Betafence, FH Brundle, Britannia Fasteners etc. and everyone else doing it, as outlined on my other website: https://www.richardperry-versus.com. I’m fighting a horrifying war standing up for all of YOU many of whom have benefitted from my creations and investments and therefore it would be nice to see someone standing up for me. Would the international community please come forward and help me to lay an information in the International Criminal Courts against the United Kingdom and apply for UN Sanctions for deliberately destroying IP rights and refusing to recognize them or enforce them and then committing crimes against humanity against anyone that speaks out and stands up to it, like me.

Contact Address:

Because the UK and Commonwealth Governments have blocked all of my digital communications, here is a contact PO Box mailbox address for me in North America:

Richard Perry
11388 Steveston Highway, PO Box 96088, Ironwood PO, Richmond, BC. V7A 5J5. Canada

From experience, your letters arrive within about 2 weeks.

Come back soon to watch the video – most likely available in early 2022.

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