Customer & Public Announcement Spring 2018

Dear Customers, This is an update and notice about the unavailability of my fabulous market leading products that have been ruined by serious and organized crime.

Unfortunately, my business and young enterprise has been completely destroyed by United Kingdom Government corruption that has deliberately aided, abetted and supported national and worldwide firms by allowing them to go around stealing and defrauding intellectual property rights, flooding the marketplace with counterfeit products, butchering individuals and their start-up enterprises, and perpetrating serious crime that is seriously damaging to the economy and undermines the entire Rule of Law.

The individuals behind this lawlessness have gone around the UK Garden & Fencing Retail Industry selling products that they know are counterfeit and that without doubt infringe my patents. They tell retailers to buy their copies because they are cheaper than my patented original products and they have used their corporate might to produce these goods at a price that I cannot even compete with. This has wiped out my vast investment of hundreds of thousands of pounds and decades of backbreaking work to bring these products to market in the first place, without any help or investment. They tell retailers to sell their rip-offs in my trademarked display stands, or try to convince retailers that they don’t need my attention grabbing marketing stands at all, and then direct them to sell both my products and their counterfeits amongst their other products to make it look as if my products belong to them. These are serious Trademarks Act and Fraud Act offences and it dilutes and compromises all of the prestige and integrity from the patent system. On top of this, they have even been unlawfully using my own name to order these goods from foreign manufacturers (which is another serious criminal offence in itself with a punishment of 7 years to life in prison) to make it appear as if I had authorized the manufacture of the goods. They have attempted to author a boycott of my fabulous products and brands through sheer jealousy and greed. They have used their power to corrupt public morals and they’ve lobbied and influenced individuals in Government to allow their crime to continue. This is known as bribery – yet another serious criminal offence. The Government officials involved including high ranking Police Officers, senior members of the Judiciary and a few low life losers in local Government offices have pandered to their evil and unethical business practices because they mistakenly believe that they are infallible, just because they are in Government. They think that by participating in serious crime they would become members of the ‘Big Career Club’, lavishing themselves on the big Christmas dinners and big bonuses made from the proceeds of crime from my products that they neither thought of or paid for.

I have undeniable and indisputable evidence of my allegations; evidence that would see the average and ordinary person on the street landed with a lifetime jail sentence. I intend to bring criminal charges against all of those involved in this dark and ugly multi-million pound crime that affects everyone who is making a lawful contribution to the Country and which has annihilated my successful lawful business that was built from decades of grafting and struggling. This type and level of lawlessness does not have any place in a Western developed society and it has to be stopped. These people, their behavior and their lack of any morals or any responsibility are a disgrace to the public and I will be exposing all of them. When I say the ‘public’ these are the law abiding hard working people of the United Kingdom and not those who inherit daddy’s money and use it to go around robbing and butchering people because they can’t think of anything for themselves.

This situation has been a total injustice to myself and to the people of the United Kingdom. I’ve also had death threats from these people. I’ve had Government Officials following me around taking photos of me and carrying out unlawful surveillance, which is frightening in the least. I’ve been named as a PEP ‘Politically Exposed Person’ and I’ve suffered bankruptcy orders obtained through fraud, false witness testimony and judicial corruption. I’ve felt like I’ve been driven from my own home Country to make a life elsewhere because the UK Authorities refuse to protect me. After almost 20 years of starting my amazing products and having sold them in millions helping tens of thousands of people all over the world, I should have exuberance for life and I should be financially secure. Instead, I’ve been left completely impoverished and more or less destitute, trying to fend for myself against a mountain of corruption and dishonesty, suffering severe defamation and ridicule. This is what talented and successful entrepreneurs get as a reward in the United Shit Hole Kingdom.

A corrupt Government, Judiciary and Police Force have allowed this cruelty to continue because the United Kingdom Government refuses to recognize the value of, or enforce, intellectual property rights under any circumstances, even though they have been paid for those rights. During other court cases in relation to some of my patents, I asked the court to subpoena evidence over 24 times and was denied access to all and any evidence whatsoever and then there was a ruling that stated the defendants couldn’t produce the evidence that would give them an alibi because the court knew it didn’t exist!! This is the mountain of corruption, dishonesty and torment you will face if you try to enforce intellectual property rights in the UK. This is unlawful under international criminal law and it is a breach of EU Treaties on sincere co-operation in trade, and constitutional rights. It undermines the values, harmony, and good intentions of the European Economic Community. I will shortly be publishing a list of names of all those firms and individuals involved in this crime because they do not deserve the privilege of trading in the United Kingdom or holding any position of Authority whatsoever.

The UK Fencing Retail Industry’s mortifying attitude towards intellectual property crime.

This is what you get if you create fabulous products that bring enjoyment to tens of thousands of people and let the UK retail industry have the PRIVILEGE of selling them: out of sheer jealousy and envy, and because they can’t think of anything for themselves, they refuse to allow entrepreneurs the success and profit that they rightfully deserve for their decades of investment, backbreaking work and enormous financial risk in taking their products, that create jobs and revenues, to market. Instead, the retail trade knowingly and willingly handles counterfeit and stolen goods and goods that without doubt infringe people’s patents. They actively participate in fraud and serious crime, knowing that they are injuring the inventor by trading in counterfeits. Even after they have been informed that what they are doing is unlawful and unethical at best, they continue doing it, claiming ‘oh it’s none of my business’, or ‘oh we didn’t know’ or ‘but the counterfeit is cheaper than your patented original so we’re going to continue buying it’ which is both humiliating and insulting. They don’t want to lose the large profits and gains they’re making unlawfully by handling counterfeits and patent infringing products. This situation has wrecked my business, robbed me of my livelihood and has torn apart all of my friendships and relationships. I’ve lost all enthusiasm and passion for life and at times I’ve chewed through my own lips due to the distress and trauma of the situation and enduring such an immeasurable loss. This situation has decimated all of the new products which I was working on and I haven’t even been able to afford to update my website for months-to-years at a time. I’m also left struggling to pay all of the extortionate patent fees to a corrupt and oppressive Government that refuses to protect creative rights. I will not be giving any more of my talent to the wretched United Kingdom that has deliberately turned a blind eye and acted as if this serious crime is none of its business.

I’ve had enough of this torture and having to stand by helplessly, watching my lifetime’s work being stolen and eroded away, and seeing tens of thousands of people benefit from my work and vast investment whilst I’m not paid a single penny. I also intend to bring criminal charges against every retailer involved in handling the counterfeit goods and participating in fraud and crime against me. As it stands right now, these retailers owe me the total amount of turnover (every penny they have made) from sales of these unlawful goods from as far back as 2004 or 2010. I don’t care if these moral-less people never stock my products again; I would rather deal with half a dozen decent and ethical businesses than with 800 thieving fucking shits; 800 being the number of retailers that were stocking my products before I was robbed of the achievement of a lifetime. Excuse my foul language but this situation is ungodly and barbaric. They know they’re doing it and, rather than doing the honest and honourable thing of refusing to deal with criminals, organized crime and unlawful goods, they would rather wait until they get caught or have to answer to Authority – an Authority that is apathetic. Instead of going to the Authorities and saying ‘this isn’t right; it’s wrecking the industry, destroying harmonious trading and stifling innovation – what is the Government going to do about it?’, these pathetic mindless little people are frightened to speak up about any wrong-doing and they shy away from standing up to cruelty, even though they can see it happening under their own noses. They would rather stand by and watch one little man (me) tackle this problem all by himself whilst they continue to profit from their crime. This is what you get for making an enormous unprecedented contribution to the United Shit Hole Kingdom. A nation of cheats and liars that has governed itself into the ground, wrecking generations of people’s lives in the process.

The Charges that I will be lodging in the Criminal Courts include and are not limited to: Conspiracy, Fraud, Perjury, Theft, Trademarks offences, Passing Off, Aiding Abetting & Subornation, Corroboration, Dishonest Assistance, Conspiracy to Commit Misconduct in Public Office, Abuse of the Administration of Justice, Bribery/Corruption and Trading in Influence, Counterfeiting and handling stolen goods/making off without payment MOWP. All of which carry a punishment of a minimum of 3 years to life in prison PER OFFENCE, and there are hundreds of them. There are at least a thousand transactions of sales of counterfeit goods alone. The remedy I seek is compensation/damages for value of my intellectual property portfolio worth in excess of £25m and up to £150m, compensation for Human Rights abuse, serious crime prevention orders, and disbarment and removal from public office of the law firms and Government officials involved.

I should point out to the reader that in fact I have had some decent and loyal customers in the UK who have refrained from being involved in these crimes and who have supported my products and business, but only about a handful out of almost 800 retail outlets that were stocking my products. I thank those customers and decent businesses for standing up to this absolute lawlessness that damages the entire industry. Hopefully I will be back in business soon, fully stocked and with new products ready to go.

People in the United Kingdom need to pull their fingers out and act to prevent these terrible crimes, instead of standing there like goons saying ‘uuhh, it’s none of my business duhhhh’. Contact the Police, contact Interpol, contact the Monarch and drown these Authorities in complaints and reports until they have no choice but to act to put this right for the benefit of everyone. This situation affects everyone in the Country, undermines the economy and affects future generations of trade and prosperity. If you are a retailer, when you are approached by these thieves with their inducements and barefaced lies concealed by smiles and handshakes, bear in mind that you are being manipulated into participating in serious crime and robbing someone of their lifetime’s investment and achievement – and you will get caught, and there will be a price to pay.

If anyone wishes to help to bring these people to justice and stamp out this crime, please report it to:

1). INTERPOL General Secretariat , 200, quai Charles de Gaulle 69006 Lyon, France. Fax: +33 4 72 44 71 63


This is United Nation’s Anti-Corruption Unit. Just a form to fill in online.

3). Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace. Westminster, London. SW1A 1AA

4). BBC News or any news agency you can think of.


Please continue to my website, (link below) but we are out of stock of all products until this situation has been resolved. Hopefully we will be back in business and with new products, within 2018/2019.

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